Saturday, September 29, 2012

C2C Senior High Retreat

 Last weekend, our senior high youth group members went to Creek Haven Retreat.
The bus was pretty packed.

 Here is a panorama picture I took of the place.

 We all slept in the colonial house.  Us girls got the 2nd floor entirely to ourselves complete with beds, while the guys slept downstairs on the wooden floor or, if they were lucky, a couch.

One of the upstairs bedrooms.  It was actually much larger than this ( complete with a queen bed and rocking chair ) but the room was a little too messy to take a picture.

The door to the library where some of the guys slept.  Unfortunately, there were no books in the library!

The living room where we gathered for devotions and late night games.

Mrs. Hardesty preparing for a meal.  We all had kitchen duties over the weekend but our leaders were the "overseers" and did a great job of keeping things organized.

I know during the weekend, the overall favorite part of the schedule was the breakaway time when everyone went somewhere where they could be alone.  During this time, we would study what we had just learned about in devotions and most importantly we would pray.  It was a great time for all of us to draw closer to God.

In the garage they had ladder-ball, a croquet set, pool, and ping-pong.

Ultimate Frisbee
The outdoor volleyball court was equipped with lights so we could play at night.

Inside the large barn there was air hocky, 1/2 of a basketball court, and a full length volleyball court.  This was probably everyone's favorite hangout.

Gathering for devotions.
Free time!

Riding their mighty broomstick steeds : )

Team competition.

Marshmallow wars.

Games of Jenga late at night were very intense.

The ride home was rather crazy. We made up strange stories as a group and sang little kid's songs ( including Tractor, Tractor ).


Brianna said...

wow! Now i sorta regret not going. that looks awesome!

God's girl said...

Hi Kylie-Thanks for posting at my blog. Glad you figured out who I was. haha! That retreat looks like a lot of fun! :)

The Frey's said...

Yeah, it was:)
Have a great day!

Braelyn said...

That looks very fun.

Brianna said...

and check out my blog